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Great new IT systems (not) Part 1

For many years we had a very workable timetabling system at the university, with local input and control. Now we have a new expensive centralised system that is not only determined to ensure our classes start at 8 and finish at 6 (‘utilisation’) but also to ensure that staff and students get different views of the timetable (it’s so secret I have to log in to see it), leading to great confusion and timewasting. I had half a class at my 8am lecture this morning due to this new system. Example 1 of how not to do software by putting macro corporate policy over practical requirements on the ground (more to follow)

Novopay – this year’s case study

With new classes about to start at Massey University in Systems Analysis and Design, and System Management and Testing, I could not have wished for a more topical local software systems disaster than the the New Zealand Novopay debacle. What a great case study in how not to procure, deliver, test or manage software! There can be few people in New Zealand who haven’t been affected by this deeply flawed system.

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